This is quiet… RISKy business ;)

This is quiet… RISKy business ;)

I’m an inncent man! I’ve never done anything to anybody. I’m harmless. So why is everybody out to get me, huh? Why am I the one they didn’t want in school? Why am I the one who get expelled? Why didn’t that kid get expelled for making fun of me for my Halloween costume? Why was it such a bad thing that I shoved the stick from my candy apple down his throat because of it? What was I supposed to do? Why am i the one who’s dangerous? Dangerous? Me? Why am I the one who needs help? Help! I don’t need help from anybody, I never have and I never will.  

Friday Night Smackdown, July 18th 


WWE BattleGround 2014

Playing pool with The Blackout on the jukebox. Decent evening! (at The Charterhouse)

Who’s da maaaaaaaaaaan?!


AMBEREIGNS. I love this two together.